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“Everything Agrismart do is aimed at providing solutions to help agriculture deal with the changing times it faces whilst always putting the farmer first”

Agrismart agricultural solutionsHaving over 20 years’ experience of working in the Agricultural industry at all levels, including grass roots farming, public sector, multinationals and start-ups, Agrismart has lived the changes and unfortunately seen the same issues affect our farmers over and over again.

The current model in agriculture is not sustainable, the supply chain is over congested and controlled by years of corporate acquisition by levy boards, co-operatives, and processors. The 3 facts below make interesting reading

  • The average cost of farm inputs increased by 36% over the past 8 Years
  • Feed costs increased by over 50% in the past 9 years
  • The number of dairy farms has halved over the past 12 years

So how has this happened with the notion that increased buying power decreases costs. Quite simply these acquisitions and growth have led to huge increases in infrastructure and staff costs that are directly passed on to our farmers.

Agricultural sales reps are unaccountable, expenses of running these outdated sales teams rise every year, ultimately increasing the cost to the end user. At Agrismart we put the farmer first, we provide outsourced sales and marketing solutions to help agricultural supply companies reduce their costs which in turn helps our farmers.

Agrismart also provides on-farm solutions of our own focusing on our 4 pillars which are Farm Inputs, Traceability, Health and Genetics, 4 things that need to work hand in hand to increase efficiency and reduce costs on farm.

Agrismart's Agricultural Solutions

Agrismart has a diverse range of in-house capabilities to support your strategic growth and to ensure you maximise your market reach in the agricultural sector. Agrismart offers a complete streamlined cross-channel sales and marketing solution, enabling your agricultural business to optimise it’s revenue opportunities for maximum market saturation.

Agrismart now has a procurement arm to the business enabling us to offer cheaper input costs for businesses of all sizes. Our costing will be both tailored to the size of the business on a flat fee basis and offer large input savings and increased profitability.

Agrismart provides a complete solution from product development & market research to take the guesswork out of marketing your product. Then we develop a strategic business development plan to ensure your product is in front of the right market.

Agrismart offers everything in one place to get your products in front of the right market in the agricultural sector. This gives you the benefit of just one supplier to deal with and one price incorporating all services, so you save a fortune!

Just think of the outlay, staff, holiday pay, employment disputes, multiple agencies etc, you would have to deal with to have all these services available.

Agricultural Solutions for Business

Agrismart offer


Complete agricultural sales solution

Agricultural Marketing

Agricultural market research

Product development and project management

Strategic agricultural business development planning

Cattle Genetics

Agrismart has partnered with Scawfell Genetics to bring you high quality genetics to improve your herd.

Prehen Lancaster

Dam: Prehen Shamrock Lady VG85

Highest British Bred PLI Bull ever!

Lancaster’s full sister, Prehen Penmanship Lady 3 is currently the highest ranked genomic tested UK heifer at £719 gPLI. 

Number 1 in the Fertility Index of the top 250 genomic sires ranked on £PLI

Lancaster is the only sire in the Top 10 to show a desirable minus score for Maintenance traits

Boasting a Milk index of +677kg, Lancaster also improves components with a Fat index of +0.05% and Protein at +0.02%.

Impressive Health and Management traits. Rated at 0.7 Lifespan and -14 SCC, giving massive improvements in this area.

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Farming Solutions

Agrismart offers a comprehensive range of products chosen specifically to resolve modern day farming issues at a lower cost than currently available. All our farming solutions are designed to offer smarter farm management solutions, allowing farmers to address core farming issues and take back some control in an industry that’s so reliant on the unpredictability of nature, disease and weather.

Water Management Solutions

Our aim is to identify high water users and present them with a solution that costs less than their annual water bill providing free water for their business with an ROI of around 36 months.

Low Energy Pumps

High producing, high efficiency, Low Energy Pump

rainwater harvesting

Rainwater harvesting enabling you to cut or eliminate water costs.

Water Treatment

Water treatment increases yields and reduces mortality.

stormwater management

Remove harmful pollutants from stormwater runoff.

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