• Agrismart offers complete water management tailored to your unique needs.

Water ManagementWater supply is becoming one of the major costs to industry, both at farm level and in affiliated sectors, processing, manufacturing, horticulture, equine and recreational farm diversification such as golf courses.

Agrismart has water management specialists incorporating rainwater harvesting, zero energy pump, water treatment, water storage and installation. Providing your agribusiness with a complete water management solution and alternative to mains water.

Sustatainable Water Management

Agrismart’s water management provides agricultural businesses with a sustainable, self-sufficient alternative to mains water and the rising costs. Climate change and increased demand is causing a global water shortage which is going to push up the cost of water bills exponentially in the future.

Research published by the Environment Agency shows that the areas in red that will have limited access to water, now, 2020’s and 2050’s.

Leisure - water availability now 2016water shortages 2020

Water Management - water shortages 2050

By 2050, world population is expected to reach almost 9 billion, causing 65% of the population to be exposed to water stress at some level (MET OFFICE). Water use has been growing at more than twice the rate of population increase in the last century (FAO).

Now is the best time to act to ensure your business isn’t affected by further price increases.

Another benefit of rainwater is that it is preferred by livestock over mains water. Rainwater harvesting systems traditionally have an ROI on average of 2/6years but adding water treatment allows rain to be collected at full yield and storage, which brings the return on investment to 12 months or less.

Agrismart’s water management is over 75% self-sustainable. Providing an alternative source of water to mains.