Agrismart outsourced procurement – what you need to know

  • Outsourced Procurement is the practice of having your company’s buying function managed by an external specialist rather than handling in house


Does that mean I lose control?

  • Not at all – your business is yours to be run how you choose, outsourcing will work WITH you to make your business more profitable and less exposed to risk


Why would my business opt for outsourced procurement?

  • To enable your business to function more effectively or grow while keeping payroll and overheads as low as possible
  • To have a professional, globally accredited purchaser working for your business at a fraction of the cost of directly employing
  • To ensure ethical trading, sustainable sourcing, and best value – your specialist will track the market and work deals based on economies of scales through all the buying they conduct
  • To keep office space requirement to a minimum and staff training costs minimal
  • To increase business efficiency and reduce risk
  • To give you time back to focus on your core competencies


Isn’t it only big global corporations that outsource procurement?

  • No, any business that spends money can benefit from outsourced procurement
  • Professional outsourcing professionals will build a model which will benefit the business and be cost effective


What skills do AgriSmart Procurement specialists offer that may not have?

  • FCIPS registered – a fellow of the Chartered Institute Of Procurement & Supply
    • Many years of study and practical experience required to be awarded
  • 20+ years purchasing within a variety of industries
  • Access to up to date ethical and legal standards that have to be adhered to
  • Open communication channels with other high-level industry professionals
  • 100s suppliers as contacts offering excellent terms
  • Live market updates to ensure deals are negotiated and sealed at optimum times
  • Legal experience in dealing with purchasing conflict and fair resolutions


How much will outsourcing my procurement function cost?

  • As no two businesses are the same, no two AgriSmart Procurement offerings are the same
  • A monthly fixed fee will be arranged based on your business model, what you want to achieve and to ensure you get value for money


What do I do now?


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