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Coccidiosis - Sheep - Poultry - Cattle - Prevention and Treatment

Coccidiosis is a parasitic disease causing an acute invasion and destruction of the intestinal tract of animals caused by coccidian protozoa (microscopic, spore-forming single celled parasites that live and reproduce within an animal cell.) Coccidiosis spreads from animal to animal by ingestion of infected tissue or contact with infected faeces. Coccidiosis is a disease that can infect dairy and beef cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, poultry, rabbits, horses, dogs and cats. In horses, dogs and cats it is less frequently diagnosed…

Milk production takes a whole lot of water

milk production

Vast Amounts of Water Required for Milk Production – Dairy cows require huge quantities of water for the milk production for which they are so famous. It is essential for all dairy farmers to provide water for their herds with a highlight on ease of access so all members of the herd can stay hydrated. – Cows consume the most water just after eating and just after they have been milked. The location of the water trough is essential so that…

Dairy Farmers will be Repaid for Missed First Milk Payments

Dairy Farmers

First Milk Dairy is to repay its 1,000 dairy farmers for the last 2 weeks missed payments The deferral of dairy farmers member payment terms that came into place in 2014 has been reversed, this will take effect from February 10th 2017, two years after the change was implemented. First Milk Member payments received by dairy farmers on the 10th of February will be backdated and include 6 weeks worth of payments. Mike Gallacher, CEO commented: “We are pleased to…