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Upcoming Changes to the Agricultural Bill

British Agriculture

Share your opinion on the upcoming Agricultural Bill! Agrismart are working with a government department to collate opinions from farmers on the current state of farming, issues within agriculture and opinions on the upcoming changes to the Agricultural Bill. The responses will be provided to the government / Defra which gives the  opportunity for farmers to have their views heard. We will not share your name or your farm details just your opinions so you will retain your anonymity.  The…

Borderway Agri Expo

Borderway Agri Expo 2018

Borderway Agri Expo 2018 2018 will be the Twelfth Borderway Agri Expo which has now grown to one of the leading agricultural events in the UK. The Borderway Agri Expo held in Carlisle on the 2nd of November has introduced new classes this year due to its increasing popularity.…