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Agrismart Procurement – Having been involved at senior management level within some of the most established Agricultural Co-ops and Buying Groups both as suppliers and buyers, we have seen the costs associated with agricultural procurement spiral over the last decade. This industry operates under a notion that increased buying power decreases price to the customer.  It quite simply doesn’t. One size doesn’t fit all and as 10 years of aggressive acquisition has led to large corporations with even larger overheads, that require more capital and increased margins, the price goes up to our farmers and end users.   

We provide solutions to farmers and agricultural businesses that allow them to be more efficient and ultimately more competitive with a solution that works for the whole supply chain.  Only by doing this can farm input prices see a reduction.

Procurement - Process DiagramProcurement Overview:

  • A full procurement outsourcing service for all your agricultural supplies and business inputs.
  • Enables you to focus your time and skills on your core business, knowing your requirements are being bought economically, ethically and effectively.
  • Assurance of your bespoke buying needs being accomplished with minimal input.
  • Visits from sales representatives or pressured telephone calls, while you are busy on farm asking for a commitment to buy when you don’t have all the facts and figures, will become a thing of the past.  
  • Aspects such as the vetting of agricultural suppliers, assessing the quality of products, continuity of supply, monitoring lead times, arranging delivery details and negotiating payment terms will all be handled by the service.
  • Your only requirement will be to give AgriSmart your shopping list and pay the supplier invoices.
  • No more stress and worry of knowing when to commit and what the most cost-effective deal is.
  • Entrust AgriSmart to be your resource for purchasing agricultural supplies and help increase your profit margin.


Procurement Experience:

  • Globally accredited as a Fellow of the Chartered Institute Of Procurement & Supply for 5 years.
  • Holder of MCIPS accreditation for over 10 years.
  • 20 years’ procurement experience in a multitude of industries.
  • Experienced in conflict resolution involving purchasing law and legal standards.
  • 15 years in the recent past managing the buying of all commodities for over 1100 farms.


Procurement Supplier Information:

  • Portfolio of over 800+ reputable national suppliers.
  • Access to global e-commerce with full knowledge of INCO terms.
  • Optimum rates not compromising quality.
  • Efficient expediting to.
  • Rebated deals.


Why Choose AgriSmart’s Outsourced Procurement Service?

  • Gain an experienced professional working for your business, doing things the way you want for a fixed monthly fee.
  • Gain an extra business resource and without the cost of employing someone full time or having to pay for the benefits that employed staff require – pensions, tax, company cars, expenses.
  • Gain the introduction of a bespoke purchasing model tailored to your individual. Needs.
  • Gain tangible savings, quickly, on your input costs
  • Regain your time. No more having to deal with impromptu visits/calls from sales reps and having to make on the spot decisions.

To help you decide if our service is for you – Outsourced Procurement – What is it?

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