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Abattoirs deny cattle grid changes have hit farmers’ incomes


The Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (EFRA) committee has questioned senior managers from the leading three abattoirs in the UK about the changes to cattle grids. Representatives from Dunbia, ABP and 2 Sisters faced questioning by MPs about the 7% reduction in payments to farmers that these changes have brought about. The Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) has suggested that £1.1 million has been wiped off cattle prices each month since the changes but ABP UK’s chief executive, Tom…

British Suppliers Wanted by Morrisons in UK Self-Sufficiency Drive

British Suppliers

Very timely support for British suppliers from Morrisons, whilst other supermarkets are selling out Britain to line their pockets with the pennies they save and their huge carbon footprint from favouring imports. Morrisons is offering the opportunity for British suppliers to pitch for a chance to be stocked in their stores. They are looking for more than 2oo suppliers in a drive to encourage the UK to be more self-sufficient. This latest news does follow some controversy for Morrisons who…

Force supermarkets to support British produce where a UK option is available

Force supermarkets to support British produce where a UK option is available.

Please sign our petition and show your support for British Farming! We need to support the British economy and farming industry especially when farm subsidies are at threat and Britain is facing an uncertain future as far as European exports post-Brexit. Tesco’s has ditched British sugar in favour of sugar cane imported from 5,000 miles away. How can they market themselves as supporting British farmers and locally sourced food? Numerous supermarkets including Waitrose & Tescos clearly mark the front of…