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Nitrates and Phosphates: The Effects on Water Quality

Nitrates and Phosphates

Over the past 50 years, there has been a constant trend towards greater intensification and higher agricultural productivity, and this has been accompanied by a significant increase in the use of inorganic nitrogen and phosphorus in fertilisers. In recent years, in order to address the resultant excessive levels of these chemicals found in waterways and mitigate the effects on water quality, measures to reduce and control their use have been implemented. Water Quality Problems Caused by Nitrates and Phosphates Nitrate…

Biofilm Prevention & Removal


  Farming Grants: Water Grant for Welsh Farmers Sustainable Farming Grants Flood Prevention Grants Rural Development Grants Farm Development Grants Severn Trent Environmental Protection Scheme (STEPS)   Agrismart provides Water Management aimed at providing an ROI of around 36 months. Agrismart’s water management is over 75% self-sustainable. Providing an alternative source of water to mains incorporating rainwater harvesting, zero energy pump, water treatment, water storage and water system installation. Providing your agricultural business with a complete agricultural water management solution and alternative to mains…

Agricultural Water Management with Water Treatment

Agricultural Water Management

Agricultural Water Management Agrismart has developed a complete agricultural water management solution as an alternative to mains water. With the effects of climate change and increased demand both affecting water availability and driving up costs, Agrismart has developed a complete alternative to mains. Agrismart is keen to cut farm inputs, improve efficiency and increase profits. As well as providing sustainability, self-sufficiency & freedom from mains water supply, which also supports the issue of water shortage.…