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Northern Ireland Dairy Farmers Received Exit Letters from their Banks

Northern Ireland dairy farmers

An undisclosed number of Northern Irish Dairy farmers have received letters from their banks asking them to repay loans and leave the bank.  Northern Ireland dairy farmers – As the uncertainty of Brexit still looms and with EU farm subsidies amounting to £260 million in Northern Ireland, which is now in jeopardy, banks are asking farmers what backup plan they have if subsidies are stopped. The banks have expressed concern for some time that some Northern Ireland dairy farmers don’t know…

Farmers will have to Prove their Worth for Subsidies Post-Brexit

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George Eustice discussed changes in the subsidy system post-Brexit at the Oxford Farming Conference. For farmers to continue to be eligible for direct subsidies post-Brexit they will be required to prove they benefit the public to receive taxpayers’ money. Although this sounds incredibly alarming to farmers who rely on subsidies for half of their income or more, the real focus is to tackle the so-called “slipper farmers” receiving huge subsidies for the amount of land they own regardless of it…