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Holiday Accommodation Diversification – Share your Experience

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If you’ve diversified into holiday accommodation please tell us your experiences, whether you’ve just started or been at it for years, share the pros and cons and what you’ve learnt along the way. If you would like to help others with their farm diversification research please answer our questions below, feel free to discuss what you feel is most relevant and add on any information you like. Agrismart will feature your story on our website and place a small ad…

Farm diversification: Irish farmer turns his farm into a multi-million-euro business

Farm Diversification

Farm diversification has long been a hot topic of conversation both for government ministers and for farmers themselves. In this ever-changing world, can farmers continue to concentrate solely on the production of arable crops and the raising of livestock to make a living? Prices are continually being driven down on milk and meat, leaving farmers with little profit at the end of the day. One man in Ireland believed that diversification away from traditional farming was the direction he should…